Furniture and Decoration

Department/Program: Material and Material Processing Technologies/Furniture and Decoration

About the Program: Through this program it is aimed to train students who have the knowledge of theoretical and practical applications of latest furniture and indoor decoration technologies. It is also one of the objectives of the program to equip students with the entrepreneurial ability in order to establish their own businesses. In terms of a broader perspective, it is aimed to train qualified furniture and decoration technicians who satisfy the needs of the region and the country in this area. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded with the qualification of Associate Degree in Furniture and Decoration. The graduates of the program may apply to various undergraduate programs for a Bachelor’s Degree after getting the sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Work Areas: The graduates of the program can work at both public and private sectors as furniture and decoration technicians or administrators or sales representatives and they can also run their own businesses.

Goals of the Program:

  • To meet the need of technical staff of public institutions.
  • To support the private sector firms in their working areas.
  • To support both the region and country by training qualified work force.
  • To make a contribution to the cultural, social and sportive development of the region.
  • To train personnel who will keep up with the latest technology in the furniture and decoration area.
  • To train technicians who have the capacity to work both private and public sectors and both in the country and abroad .

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, the students will be able to;

  • Do the designs and applications related to furniture and decoration.
  • Follow the innovations in the area of furniture and decoration.
  • Use a foreign language sufficiently in the area of furniture and decoration
  • Use sufficient number of softwares in the area of furniture and decoration.
  • Pay attention to the ethical values, social responsibilities, and labor and worker safety.
  • Know and apply the safety measures, features of all the machines that are used during the production phase.
  • Know the features of the raw and fabricated materials that are used in the sector.
  • Design every kind of furniture and indoor designs and calculate their costs.

The Departments that students can transfer through the Vertical Transfer Exam:

  • Interior architecture and environmental design
  • Woodworking industry engineering
  • Forest industry engineering
  • Forest engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Furniture and Decoration Teaching
  • Industrial design
  • Interior architecture