Construction Technology

Department/Program: Construction/Construction Technology

About the Program: The aim of this program is to train technicians who have technical know-how in the area of contruction. Through the theoretical and practical courses the students are trained as the construction technicians who can prepare various construction and architecture projects with the basic technical knowledge of design, construction, static, topography, mathematics, physics and building etc. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded with the qualification of Associate Degree in Construction Technology. The graduates of the program may apply to various undergraduate programs for a Bachelor’s Degree after getting the sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Work Areas: The graduates of the program can work at private and public sectors. They are employed by the construction, architecture, building control firms. The graduates can also work at general directorate of state hydraulic works, general directorate of highways, ministry of environment and urban planning and municipalities.

Goals of the Program:

  • To train students in technical information required in the field of current construction technologies and tools.
  • To make students gain the ability of problem identification/solution encountered in the field of construction.
  • To make students gain the basic knowledge of drawing and graphic softwares in the area of construction.
  • To make students have information about work safety rules, quality assurance and standards in the construction sector.
  • To make students gain the awareness related to environmental issues.
  • To train students in order to get them to gain the importance communication skills and spirit of entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, the students will be able to;

  • Apply the basic knowlege of contruction in the building site and office.
  • Define and solve the basic problems related to construction area.
  • Analyze and interpret the data related to construction projects.
  • Use the contemporary construction techniques.
  • Adapt himslef/herself to the interdisciplinary teamwork projects.
  • Take initiative and be creative in the construction projects.
  • Improve himself/herself by following the up-to-date information of construction technologies.

The Departments that students can transfer through the Vertical Transfer Exam:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture