Computer Programming

Department/Program: Computer Technologies/Computer Programming

About the Program: Computer programming has improved significantly in our country as in the other countries because of its practicality in every industrial area. This program aims to train qualified computer programming technicians who are able to follow technological developments, competent to meet the needs of industry, knowledgeable about computer hardware, software, data base management systems and internet technologies. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded with the qualification of Associate Degree in Computer Programming. The graduates of the program may apply to various undergraduate programs for a Bachelor’s Degree after getting the sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Work Areas: The graduates of this program can work as computer technicians or computer programmers at private and public institutions. According to their competency, the graduates can be employed by softwares companies and authorized technical services at the departments of data processing, software, hardware, communication networks, or maintenance and repair.

Goals of the Program:

  • To train students in the basic computer program languages and algorithms.
  • To train students in necessary knowledge and skills of visual programming and its basic components.
  • To train students in web page design and web programming through the related softwares.
  • To make students gain experience in database management systems, SQL programming, and report preparation.
  • To educate students about the basic hardwares and softwares of the computer.
  • To educate students about how to assemble and maintain a computer.
  • To educate students about how to make installation and use of commonly used office, multimedia, and internet softwares.
  • To train students in computer communication; network systems and related components.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, the students will be able to;

  • Recognize and use the basic concepts in computer programming.
  • Install and run the word processor, calculation table, presentation, database and graphics based design softwares and produce computer programs using the program development modules of these softwares.
  • Define the data and design the algorithms required for solutions of the problems in computer programming field.
  • Use a foreign language to view information in the field of computer programming and to communicate with colleagues.
  • Use valid operating systems in computer programming field and install and manage networks.
  • Follow and accomodate up-to-date developments in the profession.
  • Understand the structure and operation of a range of computer peripheral devices and diagnose and maintain related hardware components.
  • Know the advanced concepts of internet and internet programming and design web sites.
  • Gain the knowledge of basic and professional mathematics for solving the problems in computer programming field.
  • Gain awareness related to life-long learning, self-renewal, self-confidence, labor and worker safety, environmental protection, ethical values, etc.

The Departments that students can transfer through the Vertical Transfer Exam:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Technology and Information Systems
  • Physics
  • Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching
  • Statistics and Computer Sciences
  • Computer and Software Engineering
  • Control and Automation Engineering
  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Meteorological Engineering
  • Space Engineering
  • Software Engineering