Foreign Trade

Department/Program: Foreign Trade/Foreign Trade

About the Program: In today’s business world, international trade shows great changes by means of globalisation. Thus, the competition among the countries increases in the field of economy. In order to achieve the foreign trade targets, the importance of education in this field rises day by day. So, the aim of this program is to train students who can work in the business sectors related to foreign trade such as import and export based banking, transportation and customs. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded with the qualification of Associate Degree in Foreign Trade. The graduates of the program may apply to various undergraduate programs for a Bachelor’s Degree after getting the sufficient score in the Vertical Transfer Exam.

Work Areas: The graduates of the program can work in various enterprises engaged in foreign trade and foreign exchange departments of banks, etc. The graduates can work under various titles (e.g. foreign trade expert) at customs offices, national or international logistics companies (e.g. warehouse, shipping staff), and as import and export experts in foreign trade companies.

Goals of the Program:

  • To educate students about the basic concepts related to economy, trade law, business and social security law, business, accounting and foreign trade.
  • To train students in international marketing strategies, international monetary relations and capital markets.
  • To educate students about foreign trade transactions in free zones.
  • To educate students about Turkish export import legislations, transactions and documents.
  • To train students in logistics and transportation-national and international transactions and documents, etc.
  • To train students in computer softwares related to profession.
  • To make students gain the necessary foreign language knowledge related to profession.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, the students will be able to;

  • Utilize the theoretical information they have acquired in applications and practices related to profession.
  • Recognize and solve the problems in professional practice.
  • Have knowledge of professional ethics and sense of responsibility.
  • Improve herself/himself by following the science and technology through the awareness of the importance of lifelong learning.
  • Understand and practice the legal regulations related to profession.
  • Communicate effectively in the professional area.
  • Have the basic professional English knowledge in foreign trade transactions.
  • Serve as a self-confident, innovator, responsible, and qualified personnel in the sector.

The Departments that students can transfer through the Vertical Transfer Exam:

  • Banking
  • Logistics Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • International Relations
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Economics
  • International Trade
  • Business Administration
  • International Trade and Logistics